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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:26 am
by terryzone
Just shows how unimportant I am here!...Had an issue with register .com when doing a renewal. So I paid for a year...turns out they decided to just take $ out for 2 years. I contacted a rep by phone( imagine that, they answered) I was ok with just doing the 2 yr thing. But my access was suspended when I forgot to email conformation. So after I find out I was the only one without access, Hmmmmmm?? Called them again. I have to say their reps were very polite, spoke English , and were very helpful walking us through all the steps. BUT, they couldn't remedy it so I had to contact our service from fiber optic . They were also very helpful in at least attempting to remedy the prob. Next step was unkown. Then this AM it is working. Poof! Magic!
Well I'm convinced Gabe mustve done something...yep, going with that. It had to be Gabe AKA : "Tiny". Gahilk